Poll Workers & Observers

We Need Your Help!

We need to be planning ahead now for the next election.  One way we can do this is through volunteering as a poll worker (election inspector).  Wisconsin election laws count on the two majority parties to nominate members who will serve as poll workers in their municipalities for the next two-year election cycle.  These names must be submitted to the chief presiding officer and/or clerk in November of the odd year.  

Here is how you can help:

  • If you have served in the last two-year election cycles and will serve again—please let us know. >>email: info@rockgop.org
  • If you served in the last two year cycle but cannot continue please notify us so a replacement can be recruited. >>email: info@rockgop.org
  • If you have never served but would be willing to accept this important, civic responsibility to help ensure that Wisconsin elections are fair, transparent and conducted according to the Wisconsin laws, please notify us. >>email: info@rockgop.org
  • Some poll workers are nominated to conduct elections by absentee ballots brought to residential facilities such as nursing homes for residents/voters who cannot get the polls.  These poll workers are called Special Voting Deputies (SVDs) and this is done prior to Election Day. If you would be willing to be nominated to be a SVD, please notify us. >>email: info@rockgop.org

Worried about training?  Don’t be.  Poll workers are nominated by The Party and then chosen and hired by their municipality.  They are trained by that municipal clerk who will be counting on them to be available as needed to work the upcoming elections (below*). Poll workers register voters, verify the names in the poll books, require voters to sign the poll books, hand out ballots, count absentee ballots and make decisions about counting those ballots based on “voter intent”, and they count ballots after the polls close to verify the election results at their polling place.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin and the Rock GOP also provides training opportunities for anyone interested in poll observing. These trainings will take place generally a few weeks before any general election date.

Register to be a Poll Worker

We need your help! Election integrity begins with you!

In 2021 we nominated 115 Poll Workers, but we need more. Consider serving for 6 elections (including primaries) and help bring peace of mind back to our communities.

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